District Annual Education Report

The  Elementary and Secondary Education Act requires that all districts and  schools in Michigan report out on several educational components.  A  description of these components and a link to the MDE provided reports  follows:
  • Student Assessment DataElementary or middle school assessment results on the Michigan Educational Assessment Program (MEAP), high school assessment results on Michigan Merit Exam (MME), and assessment results for students with disabilities on Michigan’s Alternative Assessment Program (MI-Access or MEAP-Access)
    • Presents achievement data for all five tested subjects (mathematics, reading, science, social studies and writing) compared to targets for all students as well as subgroups of students.
    • Helps parents understand achievement progress within schools and compare these to district and State achievement.
  • Accountability Scorecard – Detail Data and StatusInformation is provided for the district and each school related to achievement targets in reading, writing, mathematics, science and social studies answering questions like:
    • Did the district (and schools) meet achievement targets for all students and subgroups of students
    • Did the district (and schools) meet achievement growth targets for all students and subgroups of students?
  • Teacher Qualification Data.  This link takes you to a report on the Professional Qualifications of teachers in Manistee Area Public Schools.
    • Identifies teacher qualifications at district and school levels
    • Reports percentage of core academic classes taught by teachers not considered highly qualified to teach such classes
  • NAEP Data (National Assessment of Educational Progress):  The  National Assessment of Educational Progress assessment is administered  annually to a representative sample of schools across the 50 states in  grades 4 and 8.  This link takes you to a report on the achievement  levels of 4th and 8th graders in the state of Michigan and does not  reflect the achievement of Manistee Area Public School students.